Nandita Padmanabhan hails from a family of music connoisseurs. She was surrounded by music and was exposed to South Indian Classical Music at an early age. Thus began the birth of her music urge early on from her childhood and music became her second nature.

Nandita started learning music at an early age of 6 years from Vid Padma Malini and later had strong foundation from Vid Madhavi Rajagopalan for 9 years which were very fruitful years of her musical career. Subsequently, she learnt from renowned Dr Nagavalli Nagaraj for 2 years and at present is under the guidance of scholar and musician - Dr T.S.Sathyavathi.

Nandita is currently a 'A' grade All India Radio artist. She is an accomplished vocalist, performing in the Carnatic Music tradition and has been performing for over 17 years. Blessed with a rich voice , her music has been recognized as traditional, woven with bhava and a rich manodharma. Her traditional approach towards music is always well received, and she constantly strives to balance aesthetics and intellect in her music. She has given performances across India and now in the US.

Nandita is an engineer by profession and currently resides in Dallas, Texas, working for a top semi conductor company after completing her masters in the US. It is intense passion towards the arts, and music in particular which has propelled her to balance her engineering profession and music.